Create an
Create a new event
You need 4 things to create a new event:

  • An Event Credit
    An Event Credit is the only cost to host an event. All event proceeds go directly to your PayPal account.
  • A PayPal account
    Proceeds from raffle ticket purchases, donations, etc. will go directly to your PayPal account. PayPal's fees depend on your type of account. For instance, qualified 501(c)(3) organizations have less fees.
  • An Event Start Time
    A date/time your event will be available for people to see and enter raffles.
  • A Raffle Close Time
    A date/time no more raffle entries will be accepted so you can begin drawing raffle winners. This can be the same day as your Event Start Time if you only want to allow people to enter raffles for a few hours.
Things to remember:

90 Your Event Start Time (the date/time people can access your event and enter raffles) must be within 90 days of your event's creation.
You can change your Event Start Time and Raffle Close Time after creating your event, but once your Event Start Time is reached you can only extend your Raffle Close Time (i.e. you can give people more time to enter raffles, but not less).