Frequently Asked Questions

For Event Participants is a platform to make organizing and participating in fundraising events easier and more convenient.

To join an event, you can:

  • Follow the direct link to the event if you received one, or
  • Enter the event's "event code" in the search box on greenRaffle's homepage, or
  • Scan the event's QR code if present on a flyer or at your table (in the case of an in-person event)

You'll need to join greenRaffle if you haven't already, and you'll need to activate your account via a link we send to your email address in order to purchase tickets and enter raffles.

Once you have joined greenRaffle and activated your account via the link we send to your email address, you can purchase tickets by clicking the "Buy Tickets" button on the top of your event's page.

You can purchase tickets using a credit or debit card, or a PayPal account. Note that greenRaffle never receives or processes your credit or debit card information - to ensure the highest security standards, we use PayPal to process every transaction, and all purchase proceeds go directly to the fundraising organization.

Some events will accept cash and checks as well, which will credit your greenRaffle account with tickets for the event.

Yes, you need to join greenRaffle and activate your account to buy tickets and enter raffles.

While you don't need to join greenRaffle to make a donation to an event/organization, donations made while logged in can make you eligible for door prizes an event may have. Donations made without an account or while not logged in do not count toward making you eligible to win door prizes.

greenRaffle only uses the contact information you provide to let the fundraising organization know who wins prizes and how to contact them.

We require multiple confirmations during the ticket purchasing process to ensure participants don't purchase more tickets than they intend to. Because ticket purchase proceeds go directly to the fundraising organization's PayPal account, greenRaffle cannot reverse or refund transactions.

Like a traditional basket raffle, once you've used tickets to enter a raffle you cannot undo your entry. Entering raffles requires multiple confirmations to ensure participants don't enter raffles more times than they intend to. Worst case, you win a prize you can gift and have still supported a great cause.

There is a countdown on the top of your event's page that indicates how much time is left to enter raffles. Once it reaches zero, your event's organizers can use greenRaffle's completely random algorithm to draw winners from among raffle entries for prizes.

There are several ways to know if you win a prize:

  • At in-person events, winners will be announced at the event.
  • You can watch winners be selected live via the event's "Live View".
  • You will receive an email notifying you that you have won a prize.
  • If you win a prize, you will see a link to view the prizes you have won at the top of your event's page.

Go to, click the ‘Create an Event’ link, and start building your event. Also check out the FAQ for Organizers/Fundraisers.

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For Event Hosts is a platform that makes in-person and remote/online fundraising easier and more profitable. Creating and running an event is simple, raffle tickets can be purchased via credit card and/or cash or check, and greenRaffle keeps track of everything so you don't have to. See what greenRaffle can offer your event.

greenRaffle charges a nominal flat fee of $250 (current promotion is $125). All of the funds you raise go directly to your organization's PayPal account. greenRaffle does not take any percentage of any sales.

You or a member of your organization sets up your event using greenRaffle's simple web app via your smartphone or desktop computer. greenRaffle makes it easy to add prizes, raffles, cash raffles, door prizes, sponsors, donations, and more.

To begin setting up your event, you need:
  • A PayPal account for your organization
  • The date and time of your event
You need an active PayPal account for your organization so that you can receive your fundraising proceeds. Since you will receive payments from each person participating in your fundraiser, you'll want to setup a free PayPal Business account if you don't have one already. If your organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, PayPal has lower transaction fees for charities. Be sure to make your PayPal Business account a Nonprofit account in that case.

You need the date and time you want to begin accepting ticket purchases and raffle entries for your event, and the date and time you want to stop accepting them so you can have greenRaffle choose and notify winners.

Once you purchase an event credit, you use greenRaffle's simple web app via your smartphone or desktop computer to add prizes, raffles, cash raffles, door prizes, sponsors, donations, and more. There are many helpful videos available, and you can always contact us with any questions.

All raffle ticket purchase proceeds, donations, etc. go directly to your organization's PayPal account. If your PayPal account is new or you don't ordinarily receive payments like the proceeds from your event, PayPal may require a 2 week waiting period before your funds are released to you.

Yes, when you receive cash or check donations for in-person or online/remote events, you simply enter the amount donated by the participant in greenRaffle, and they are credited raffle tickets. greenRaffle makes keeping track of your cash and check donations easy.

You can change your event any time until the start time you specified for your event (you can also change your event's start time). You can't make changes to your event once it begins accepting donations and raffle entries because participants may have made raffle ticket purchases/donations based on the information you provided them about your event and its raffles/prizes. You can, however, extend your event's end time past the initial end time you specified, even after your event has started.

If your organization has specific needs, please contact us.

By default any event participant who spends money at your event is eligible to win door prizes. If you have door prizes of greater value, you can specify the minimum a participant must spend to be eligible to win that door prize. When your draw a winner for a door prize, greenRaffle will choose a random winner from among participants eligible to win the prize.

To ensure as many different people win door prizes as possible, greenRaffle will choose randomly among eligible participants who have not won a door prize yet before choosing an eligible winner that has already won a different door prize.

When your event's end time is reached, participants will no longer be able to purchase raffle tickets or enter raffles. You can then draw winners for raffles and door prizes with the click of a button. greenRaffle uses an algorithm to choose a random raffle entry as the winner.

  • For in-person events, greenRaffle can use a TV/large screen as a "jumbotron" to automatically add fun/suspense/fanfare as you choose winners, and will display each winner's names.
  • For online/remote events, participants are encouraged to watch as winners are drawn in real-time via your event's "Live View", which appears at the top of their screen once the event's end time is reached. (no camera necessary).

  • At in-person events, you can announce winners like you normally would. greenRaffle can also use a TV/large screen as a "jumbotron" to automatically add fun/suspense/fanfare as you choose winners, and will display each winner's name.
  • At both in-person and online/remote events, winners will receive a real time notification if they are looking at your event on, see their name announced as the winner in the "Live View", and see a list of prizes they've won at the top of their screen. They will also be notified via email.

Yes, you can customize the email sent to winners of basket raffles, cash raffles, and door prizes via the "Winner Instructions" on your event's admin page. Online/remote events can specify details for when prizes will be dropped off, mailed, when and where they can be picked up, etc.
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