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Next-level convenience at in-person events for your guests. They can:
  • Browse raffle baskets from their seats with their phone. No more crowding and traffic jams.
  • Easily purchase raffle tickets via credit card or cash with their phone, as often and as many times as they like. No more lines.
  • Be alerted when they win via their phone - no more fumbling with tickets and checking and re-checking ticket numbers.
  • See winners announced via a "Jumbotron". Because what's more fun than that?
  • Make donations at any time with their phone.
greenRaffle takes care of the details, so you can focus on your event.
Host online events, or allow remote participants at in-person events
  • No place? No problem. greenRaffle makes it easy to setup and participate in virtual events online.
  • Out of town, but not out of luck. With greenRaffle, you can allow people who can't attend your in-person event to participate from wherever they are.
  • Remote and online participants can view raffle drawings in real-time via your event's "Live View" page.
  • Online events can accepts raffle entries for hours, days, or weeks.
greenRaffle gives you options and removes limitations.
Simplify event setup, promotion, and administration.
  • Easily create and manage fundraising events from any device.
  • Add basket raffles, cash raffles, door prizes, and more.
  • Accept convenient credit card and PayPal payments with industry leading security.
  • All proceeds go directly to your organization's own PayPal/bank account.
  • Reporting and analytics show how much money is raised every step of the way.
  • See which raffles/prizes are the most popular.
  • Share links directly to your event.
  • Automatically generate flyers with event details and prize lists to promote your event.
  • Incentivize local merchants to donate prizes by listing them as sponsors and providing them will full page, in-app advertisements.
  • Track the status of prizes, from their donation or purchase through their delivery to the winner.
greenRaffle makes it better and easier.

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